Diaspora: Shattered Armistice

Diaspora v1.0 for Mac

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To install:

  1. Mount Diaspora.dmg, and follow instructions within to copy Diaspora to the Applications folder.
  2. Note: Before you play for the first time (only need to do this once), please double click on RUN_ME_ONCE.command to install the most appropriate graphics settings.
  3. Double click on wxlauncher, and press Play, located in the bottom right corner.

Size: 1565973552

MD5: cb805275a4f482f6d896933d350487d3

SHA1: 9a17f8863833532541f2cc18f95f94e40e97c3e7

SHA256: f57d80c1f4361caec1b888da07d165dc29c269c2ba55b939b9f27d8bb82503c2

Patch v1.1 for Mac


To install this patch, extract the files into your main Diaspora directory.

macOS recommended minimum specs

Will run on:

Will not run on Macbook Air (Integrated INTEL graphics will not work)