Diaspora: Shattered Armistice Released!

After more than 4 years of development, the Diaspora Development team is proud to release our game!

Diaspora trailer 4

Our fourth trailer. We're going for a more cinematic theme this time. As with trailer 3, the music is also by PhRey.

Diaspora trailer 3

Our third trailer. Some major advances here, notably the now-even-better 3D cockpit and the working DRADIS. Not to mention better models, textures and effects pretty much everywhere. The music is by our new composer, PhRey.

Diaspora trailer 2

Our second trailer. Obviously we hadn't made much progress in the 3 hours since releasing the first one.

Diaspora trailer 1

Our first trailer, cobbled together in the late hours of the night. Everything is still naturally work in progress but it does show quite a few nice things. Download links below. Enjoy.

Bolitho flyby render test

A test render of a Bolitho-class corvette flying past the camera. Nothing fancy, really.