Weirdos. Every single one of them.

Hassan "Karajorma" Kazmi
Leader of this rag-tag group. British. He knows freding and has code skillz. Be sure to stop by his well-known, much loved Freespace FAQ site
Ace fredder. That means a mission designer.
Joel "Axem" Reimer
The one you should watch out for. Loves axes. Does freding
Joey "Blowfish" Wong
The guys converts models so we can shoot at them ingame.
Cliff "chief1983" Gordon
I think he codes.
Benjamin "DaBrain" Suhr
Modeler. Needs to teach others to texture as well he does.
Does musics.
Tuomas "Lt. Cannonfodder" Kankola
Lazy modeler, but does a bit of everything when kicked/bribed hard enough. Has his own site too.
Gabor "Meleardil" Toth
Modeler and converter.
One of the few in the team besides Flipside with musical talent.
Tvrtko "newman" Kapetanović
Models and does other graphic stuff too. Our resident oracle. Valkyrie is his baby. Took the Mk-VII cockpit and ran with it - When you see it in game and the drool shorts out your keyboard, send the bill for a replacement to him.
Freder who codes too. The two seem to go together nicely. Also likes pointy things.
Michal "Shiv_pl" Cywinski
Another fredder guy.
John "Starslayer" Benson
Concept artist. Damn good one too.
Vesa "Wanderer" Puoskari
The guy codes.
Chris "Sushi" Wilson
Coder/AI Wrangler.
Dominik "Agba" Sendt
Sound effects wizard.
Martin "eldain" Olde
2d Artist/Planetary Engineer from Margrathea.
Tony "FUBAR-BDHR" Perun
FREDder, model converter, coder and all-round handyman.
Rhys "Echelon9" Kidd
Yet Another Coder. Can't have too many of those.
Guy "Nighteyes" Tourgeman
Artist, modeller, and effects wizard. Crafted the base model for the Mk-VII cockpit with love and care.
Samuel "Swifty" Cho
Coder. HUD improvements and the TrackIR implementation rest safely on his worthy shoulders.
Olivier "LuaPineapple" Hamel
Lua scripter and coder. Master of the DRADIS.
2D artist. Skybox wizard and interface wrangler.
Philippe "PhRey" Rey
Unbelievably productive composer. You've already heard some of his stuff if you've watched our trailers. Has his own site, too. (in french)
Matteo "torc" Bernardi
Sound effects wizard.


Thomas "BoneMonkey" Mulligan
One of the few people in the team who can actually draw, and on top of that model too. Check out more of his stuff on his site.
Michael "Ajax" Bradbury
A tad bit crazy british modeler.
J. Eldridge "Scotchy" Davis
Modeler guy. Peggy is his baby girl.
Ryan "Mr. R" Hoskins
Modeler, a good one. A bit too obsessed about Colonial One, but in a good way.
Coder too.
Zack "Turambar" Derouiche
Likes doing textures.
Thomas "Turey" Hall
Code whiz.
Evan "Wildcard" Williams
Yep, you guessed it, another modeler. Has awesome skills; just ogle this Mk2 Viper of his. You can find more of his work on his site.
Alexis "Skull Leader" Cortes
Musician. From France. This seems to be a trend lately.

Thanks to:

Brandon "Brandx0" Drew
Another great modeler guy. Lost his HD and is currently on a (we hope) temporary leave.
Jordan "Unknown Target" Pelovitz
Modeler guy who lives on tropical island and complains about it. Bastard
Tak "tan.j" Nagayoshi
Modeler of Awesome - Check out his work on Scifi-Meshes and be in awe.

Very special thanks:

Kelly "Kat" Myers
Big thanks for this guy. A lot of the stuff we do would be impossible without him.
Thanks man.
Thanks for all the help given.